Laboratory of physics of quantum information technologies

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The laboratory is engaged in the development of quantum devices for information processing and the corresponding methods necessary for the functioning of such devices.
Specific directions for the near future:

1. Tasks of quantum Metrology (creation of sensors). We develop algorithms and apply them in experiments on qubits of the type “transman” in Kubina and Katrina modes. Planned experiments on qubits of the type “fluxonium”. In addition, the laboratory plans metrological experiments in the framework of linear optics (with kudite schemes) and NV-centers in diamonds, as well as the development and implementation of optical random number generators.

2. Implementation of quantum protocols developed by US on an open 5-qubit quantum computer at IBM, in particular time reversal algorithms. Work on the development of the H-theorem and the implementation of ” Maxwell’s quantum demon “(more broadly, on quantum thermodynamics). These works are of undoubted value from a fundamental point of view, and over time can move into the practical plane.

3. To bring the sensitivity of quantum sensors to a physically realizable maximum, amplifiers with maximum quantum efficiency are needed. We participate in the development and testing of such amplifiers in cooperation with colleagues in Aalto, and look forward to the production of our own samples at MIPT. We also carry out and plan to continue the development of computational algorithms implemented on low-qubit schemes, and the experimental implementation of such schemes using artificial atoms of various kinds. In addition, in the longer term, it is planned to develop a quantum element base based on new superconducting materials with a higher superconducting transition temperature than aluminum.

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